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Custody and Parenting Time
Child custody may be structured in one of two ways, sole custody to one parent or shared parenting. The fundamental difference between the two is decision making. In a shared parenting arrangement, the parents must make joint decisions on all major issues involving their children. Joint decision making responsibilities for your children is the heart of shared parenting. In a sole custody arrangement, the parent who has custody has the sole authority to make the major decisions involving the children. Divorce courts have a strong preference for shared parenting, while juvenile courts (used for parents who have never been married to one another) have a strong preference for sole custody arrangements. An experienced and creative divorce lawyer can help structure a shared parenting arrangement or sole custody arrangement to meet the specific needs of your situation.

PARENTING TIME (also know as visitation)
Parents may agree on any parenting time arrangement with the children that they feel is appropriate. Whether in a shared parenting arrangement or sole custody arrangement, parents are encouraged to be creative in structuring a parenting time schedule that best meets the needs of their family. A divorce lawyer can be a valuable asset in helping structure a creative parenting time solution for your family.

One popular misconception about parenting time is that parents in a shared parenting arrangement must have equal time with the children. This is not a requirement of shared parenting. You and your spouse may agree to any parenting time arrangement you can agree upon in either a shared parenting arrangement or a sole custody arrangement.

When coming to an agreement on parenting time, you must consider a regular routine schedule, a holiday schedule and vacation time. The regular routine schedule and the holiday schedule must include specific days and times.
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