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Limited Scope Legal Services, For Do-It-Yourself Individuals
Many times a husband and wife have already come to an agreement on the division of their assets and debts and parenting time arrangements. In such cases, many people are not looking for a traditional full service attorney-client arrangement. They are looking for an attorney to provide very specific limited scope services. Most commonly, the client is looking for an attorney to take their agreements and translate them into acceptable court documents. They are also looking for guidance for navigating the court process. Hiring an attorney for a limited purpose can greatly reduce the cost of hiring legal counsel.

Many cases are appropriate for a limited scope arrangement; however, some are not. Therefore, April Payne begins every limited scope inquiry with a detailed telephone consultation to make sure that the case is appropriate for limited scope services. If the case is appropriate for limited scope services, she then sends appropriate property and parenting questionnaires to the client to gather information necessary for the limited scope services.

As a part of the limited scope divorce/dissolution services provided, April Payne prepares the following documents as appropriate: Petition for Dissolution or Complaint for Divorce, Separation Agreement, Agreed Entry, Shared Parenting Plan, Child Support Worksheet, Decree of Dissolution or Divorce and Decree of Shared Parenting. Additionally, she will provide the client with access to all the necessary court forms for the client to complete, along with detailed instructions on how to file the dissolution/divorce paperwork, which documents need approval by the court and how to accomplish such approval, what to expect at the final hearing, how to cost out the case with the clerk’s office and how to submit the final Decree paperwork with the court. April Payne is also available to answer any questions the client may have about any stage of this process.

April Payne charges a flat fee for her limited scope services. She is able to keep her fees low as she will not be providing clients with the “extras” that many clients do not want such as, advising as to the equitableness of the settlement agreement, negotiating any unresolved issues, court form preparation, attending court hearings and following up on the property division.

In the event that any unresolved issues surface, Ms. Payne will refer the issue back to the client to resolve with his/her spouse. In the event that other specialized documents will be required, such as retirement division paperwork, or the like, the client will be referred to a company that specializes in the preparation of such documents. 

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Limited Scope Legal Services