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Collaborative Law
Collaborative divorce law is an approach to dispute resolution that includes an interdisciplinary group of professionals consisting of collaboratively trained lawyers, family relations specialists and financial specialists who work together as a team to provide an alternative to divorce litigation for couples seeking to terminate their marriage. In the collaborative divorce law model, each party must be represented by their own collaboratively trained lawyer. Further, a family relations specialist and/or financial specialist may be utilized, however, many collaborative divorce law cases benefit from having them involved.

The collaborative divorce law process involves a series of face to face meetings (settlement conferences) that will be attended by the parties and their lawyers. In some cases, a family relations specialist and/or financial specialist will attend the collaborative settlement conferences as well. In addition, the lawyers will meet one on one with their respective clients to prepare for the collaborative settlement conferences. Also, the parties may meet individually or together with the family relations specialist and/or financial specialist as needed.

At the first collaborative settlement conference, the parties sign a collaborative agreement stating that they are committing to resolve their issues without intervention from the divorce court. The agreement also requires each party to fully disclose all assets and debts. Further, the collaborative divorce law model encourages each party to express his/her goals and objectives for the collaborative process.

The collaborative divorce law alternative dispute resolution model provides couples a forum within which to negotiate a settlement of all issues in a civil and respectful manner. The collaborative divorce law forum allows couples to structure creative settlements that work for their family. An experienced collaborative law lawyer can help with structuring a creative settlement. As an added bonus, going through the collaborative divorce law model generally helps divorcing couples develop a mutually respectful working relationship with one another in order to minimize current and future conflict.

Cincinnati collaborative lawyer April Payne understands the financial and emotional toll that a divorce can place on everyone involved. For that reason, Ms. Payne embraces collaborative divorce law as an alternative to the often lengthy and costly process of courtroom divorce litigation.

For more information on collaborative law, vistit the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals websites.
Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Law
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Collaborative Divorce Law